LSU Defensive Scheme vs Auburn: All-22 Breakdown

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LSU was one of only two teams to defeat the Auburn Tigers in 2013. LSU limited the high powered Auburn offense to their lowest point total of the season (21), and a first half shutout paved the way for a 21-0 halftime lead. LSU has made their mark in the SEC by consistently playing great defense and sending multiple defenders to the NFL. In this film breakdown I’m going to show how LSU did the best job of any team in the country last year defending Auburn. It was a great mesh of outstanding talent and a well designed scheme by defensive coordinator John Chavis.

The first three examples are all single high coverages. LSU used a variety of Cover 3 defenses to confuse Marshall and try to dictate where the ball would go on the Tigers various option plays. The first example is just standard Cover 3 in a 3rd & long situation. The Tigers show blitz pre-snap in order to try & bait quarterback Nick Marshall into throwing the ball into the underneath zones.

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2014 Macomb Dakota vs Clarkston: Film Breakdown

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Two of the top ranked teams in division 1 met on Thursday night when Dakota traveled to Clarkston to take on the defending state champions in the opener for both teams. Clarkston jumped out to a 17-0 halftime lead that paved they way for a 24-21 victory.

Dakota put together an impressive opening drive, moving the ball to inside the Wolves 10 yard line. The drive stalled and the Cougars came away with no points after a missed 25 yard field goal attempt.

Led by their returning starter at QB, DJ Zezula, the Wolves drove down the field for a score on their opening drive. The key play was a 3rd and 7 where the Wolves ran a vertical, dig, arrow combination to the trips side of the formation.

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