New Orleans Saints Three Level Passing Concept

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The Detroit Lions turned over the coaching staff in the off-season after a disappointing 7-9 finish. One of the new additions is offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. Lombardi has served as an offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach with the New Orleans Saints since 2007. In this article I’m going to break down a passing concept that the Saints had success with in the playoffs last year versus both split-safety & single high defenses, the three level concept.

The Saints preferred to run three level concepts out of condensed formations off of play action. They had multiple versions of the play, but they’re all some form of a three level flood of one area of the field.

The first example is versus the Eagles in the wild card playoff round. The Saints come out in a condensed double slot formation. The Saints call a three level concept with a trail receiver as the 3rd read.

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