UCLA All-22 Offensive Breakdown

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Coming off of a 10-3 season in 2013, UCLA is one of the pre-season favorites to be in the hunt for the inaugural 4 team college football playoff. One of the big reasons for optimism going into 2014 is quarterback Brett Hundley, who is on many Heisman watch lists.

I’m going to breakdown some of the offensive concepts that were successful for Hundley and the Bruins last season. Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone designed a creative attack to take advantage of the multifaceted abilities of Hundley.

One of the staples of the UCLA offense is the spot┬ápassing concept. UCLA runs this concept with many different formations, motions & route combinations. Typically the spot concept features a corner/flat/curl route combination. In this example UCLA uses a flat/curl/dig combination. It’s still a half field read & triangle concept, but more of a horizontal stretch.

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